Twins Should Trade Michael Cuddyer

The trade deadline is fast approaching in Major League Baseball. It is a unique season, so the date is largely ignored due to the NFL free agent comings and goings. Twins General Manager Bill Smith has some tough decisions to make. The team is on the borderline of heading into contention for the stretch run or on the cusp of faltering into the depths of the cellar in the division.

This is the type of decision that he can make from watching the club on a daily basis and getting a feel for which direction they are headed. I think that he should choose to sell at this juncture. Michael Cuddyer is a solid and versatile player. He has been the rock of the club this season with a myriad of injuries affecting almost every aspect of the roster. This is why he is valuable to all the other squads looking to add a complete player for the late summer push.

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Deals White Sox Didn’t Make & 2010 MLB Trade Deadline


Despite a frenzy of activity and a ton of “possibilities” the 2010 MLB non-waiver trade deadline passed with the Chicago White Sox making only one trade.

While I’m an optimist that Edwin Jackson’s career will be revived under the guidance of Don Cooper, was his acquisition enough to help the White Sox win the AL Central?

World Series Contenders?

If GM Kenny Williams’ trade attempts are any indication of needs, he still thinks they need more hitting. Let’s examine the top trades that didn’t happen.

By: Soxman

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The Good and Bad of the Matt Capps Deal for the Minnesota Twins

Matt Capps

Roy Oswalt is changing uniforms and his presence instantly makes his new team a World Series contender.

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Latest White Sox Trade Rumors: Phi, D.C., Arz Scouts Attend CWS-Sea game


“Stay put” is the message White Sox team captain Paul Konerko and manager Ozzie Guillen are sending to the media, but GM Kenny Williams likely has other plans.

As we race towards July 31st trade deadline, here’s the latest rumblings on Adam Dunn, Gordon Beckham and all that is south side from White Sox Central.

By Soxman

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Which Left-Handed Hitter Should the White Sox Land?

Prince Fielder

That Elusive Lefty Hitter Might be Costly But Cheaper Options Are Available.

The Sox could afford to be active in a trade for a DH\1B type as it is almost a certainty Paul Konerko or Mark Kotsay (most likely) will not return in 2011.  If not traded for a slugger, Viciedo is likely to assume one of those positions next year.  So while a multi-year player of this sort sadly means then end of the Konerko era, it could make baseball sense.

That said, with injuries to Magglio Ordonez and other contenders such as the Giants and Rays looking for another bat, plus tradeable players MLB (David DeJesus) injured, there could be a high asking price for the heavy hitters.

By Soxman

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Complete Guide to Chicago White Sox Trade Deadline Rumors


As the July 31st Major League Trade Deadline approaches, The Chicago White Sox could be actively working the phone lines in search of both pitching and hitting assistance.  In the second episode of MLB network’s “The Club” which aired yesterday, GM Kenny Williams indicated he’s used to being a buyer, not a seller.

While this interview was conducted in May when it looked like the Sox would trade both Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski, it could very well be the mindset of the 1st place Sox GM this week.  Who is realistically available for the Sox to acquire, without costing them their future?  With no margin for error and a one game lead over the Minnesota Twins, is inaction an option?  Let’s break it all down.

By: Soxman

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Tigers add Washburn, get sized for championship rings


By H. Jose Bosch

On this here site I argued the Tigers should try to acquire Roy Halladay. Unlike my Tigers exchange partner, I wasn’t antsy about mortgaging the future for potential glory in the present.

Even yesterday morning I would’ve green lit a deal for Halladay involving Rick Porcello, Ryan Perry and Wilkin Ramirez plus any player on the team except for Justin Verlander, Edwin Jackson and Curtis Granderson. That probably wouldn’t even be enough, but there’s a reason I’m writing for this site and not managing a Major League franchise.

But once I head of the Washburn deal and then read about its specifics I have to admit that I like it a lot. Right now Washburn is in the middle of a sick streak. In his last five starts he was 4-0 with a 0.74 ERA in 36 2/3 IP. And even if he can’t keep up that pace, he’s in the middle of his best season in six or seven years.

Lucas French has been solid in limited action, but he’s still young and he didn’t last more than six innings in any of his starts. That’s critical when Leyland already had to manage Porcello’s inning during the second half of the year. I had never even heard of the other player in the deal, so I’m not too worried about him.

With Washburn the Tigers get to keep a lefty in the rotation and have a veteran with playoff experience to solidify the No. 3 slot in the rotation. Bump Rick Porcello and Armando Galarraga down a spot and you no longer have to be constantly shuffling the bottom half of the rotation.

Prior to this trade Jim Leyland would’ve been spot starting in Porcello’s slot to give the kid a rest and then going with the hot hand in the No. 5 spot (French, Willis again, Bonine or Minor). Now, barring injury, Leyland just has to worry about resting Porcello every few starts.

Of course no moves are made in a vacuum. As exciting as this was for Detroit, its two main competitors for this year’s crown also made interesting moves. Minnesota acquired Orlando Cabrera while the White Sox picked up Jake Peavy.

The Peavy deal could be a very shrewd move if the injured pitcher comes back to top form by the end of the season. But even if he doesn’t, he’s locked into a contract until 2011 with a club option in 2012, giving the White Sox a head start on the 2010 season and beyond.

As for Minnesota, it was a deal that benefited the team (they needed help up the middle) but it wasn’t a move that makes you go “Yes! They are now in it to win it!”

I admit to a possible bias but I think the Tigers are the winners today because they have the surest thing in Washburn; a healthy pitcher (knock on wood) who gives them the toughest 1-2-3 in the division.