Who do Minnesota Vikings Draft at #3 Overall?


Everyone knows Andrew Luck is going first overall to the Indianapolis Colts. When his name is called on draft day it will be as big a surprise as the day former Menudo member and late ’90s pop star Ricky Martin officially came out of the closet.

The real draft begins at number two. And gets more interesting at number three and so on.

What will the Vikings do? With Christian Ponder, last year’s #1 pick under center, I can’t see them going quarterback. Yes, he has a lot to learn, and a long way to go to reach that ceiling, but he’s the future. Also, Matt Barkley decided to stay in school, and I believe if you can’t get Luck or Barkley, than the Vikes might as well stay with the girl they brought to the dance. Robert Griffin III and Landry Jones are fine prospects, but I don’t think they’ll punt on Ponder for those guys.

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Minnesota Vikings 2011 NFL Draft Plan

When you have the twelfth pick in a draft, it’s always a bit difficult to project what your plan is going to be. That’s true whether you’re prepping for a fantasy football draft or the greatest draft event in the world (i.e. the NFL Draft). In the case of the Minnesota Vikings and the 2011 NFL Draft, their actual plans are a bit of a mystery, probably to even them.

However, that doesn’t stop anyone and everyone for pretending to know what the team is targeting with their first pick in the draft. Per usual, with my outstanding network of sources in the media and inside the team, I have zero clue of what the team is actually doing. Instead, I’ll share my plan of exactly what the Vikings SHOULD do.

By Peter Christian

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Two Minnesota Gophers Selected in NFL Draft

eric decker

By Mike Gallagher

The Minnesota Golden Gophers football team definitely did better for themselves in the NFL draft than they did for themselves on the football field. [Read more…]