Maturi Shows Intelligent Restraint with Mbakwe Mishap

trevor mbakwe

Different situations call for individual attention and selective punishment. [Read more…]

Mbakwe, Gophers Look Better in Narrow Loss to Ohio State

trevor mbakwe

Ohio State is on another level. [Read more…]

Are the Minnesota Gophers Really THIS Bad?

Tm Brewster Gophers

Less than twelve hours after an article stated there was no way the Gophers would struggle, let alone lose to South Dakota was posted in this same spot, the Gophers did the unthinkable. [Read more…]

Offense Steady, Defense Suspect in Gophers Season Opening Win

Gopher Football

No one knew what to expect going into the Minnesota Gophers opener against Middle Tennessee State Thursday night, but all in all, Gophers running back Duane Bennett summed it up pretty well. [Read more…]