The winner in the LeBron James sweepstakes is: the Milwaukee Bucks

Lebron James

Everyone knows Lebron James’ decision to forge a new Eastern Conference Big Three in South Beach will have a profound ripple effect on the whole conference.

But as the Knicks, Bulls, Clippers, Nets, and Cavaliers try to move on like a recently dumped high schooler, one team clearly emerged as a winner in the LBJ sweepstakes: the Milwaukee Bucks.

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The Milwaukee Bucks’ top free agent targets

Milwaukee Bucks Fear the Deer

Update: Drew Gooden signed a 5 year, $32 million contract Thursday morning with the Milwaukee Bucks

Be sure to read post-draft profiles of the Milwaukee Bucks first and second round picks.

If you were unfortunate enough to pay attention to the ESPN commentary last Thursday during the NBA Draft, you’d swear that Lebron James is the only free agent that matters. For the Worldwide Leader that may be true, but for the 29 teams that don’t get Lebron, the remaining free agents that don’t grab national headlines could still make or break a season. Just ask the Milwaukee Bucks and GM John Hammond.

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The Milwaukee Bucks’ second round picks at a glance

Tiny Gallon

The Milwaukee Bucks addressed a dire need to boost free throw chances and scoring off the dribble with the acquisition of small forward Corey Maggette and shooting guard Chris Douglas-Roberts, and it was only fitting that the Bucks centered their 2010 NBA Draft on size, athleticism and length.

After taking VCU power forward Larry Sanders 15th overall in the first round, Milwaukee added a poor man’s version of Evan Turner and a quasi-clone of Glen “Big Baby” Davis.

“We went with size tonight, and thought some skilled big buys would look good in a Bucks uniform,” coach Scott Skiles said. “When you look at the two teams in the finals, they have tremendous length around the basket. … We’re not long enough, so trying to get longer and more skilled up front is a priority for us.”

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Larry Sanders brings a unique skill set to the Milwaukee Bucks

Larry Sanders

The Milwaukee Bucks‘ 15th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, junior VCU power forward Larry Sanders, has only been playing organized basketball for five years, so he’s still got a ways to go before reaching his full potential. But Bucks GM John Hammond won’t label him a project, and sees his lack of development as an advantage.

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Bucks Draft Preview: Hammond’s song remains the same

John Hammond

Note: I’ll be at the Bucks media party tonight at the Cousins Center at St. Francis tweeting and chatting about the draft, so be sure to check back here or my Twitter page for updates from the Bucks War Room.

In the span of 24 hours, Milwaukee Bucks GM John Hammond swapped two bench warmers with expiring contracts for a pure-scoring small forward and a second round draft pick, and nabbed a slashing wing for a second rounder in 2012 (announcement pending).

Although filling immediate scoring needs at the wing positions may have altered the Bucks’ 2010 NBA Draft big board slightly, the Talented Mr. Hammond insisted that when he means Best Player Available, he really means Best Player Available.

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Bucks Draft Report: The Rumsfeldian guide to knowns and unknowns

Xavier Henry

With only two days until the ball drops on the 2010 NBA Draft, Milwaukee Bucks management is slowly putting together a short list of their best options at No. 15, but the ambiguity of the first 14 picks, as Donald Rumsfeld put it, has created as many knowns as unknowns. Many of them are known unknowns, and will become much clearer once the draft kicks off on Thursday.

Update: Read about the Bucks first round draft pick, Larry Sanders, and why John Hammond and Co. are so high on him.

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Bucks Draft Report: Chances of moving up or down ‘slim’

Damion James

If the 2009 NBA Draft was the year of the point guard, then 2010 is the year of the forward. It looks more and more likely the Milwaukee Bucks are RSVPing to the party for a second year in a row, and their just as happy with their spot in the pecking order as they were in 2009.

After Thursday’s workout, Bucks scouting director Billy McKinney reiterated the team has not settled on a particular player at No. 15, and Milwaukee’s high comfort level with the placement of all three of their picks.

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Bucks Draft Report: Patterson cancels Tuesday workout

Patrick Patterson

The Milwaukee Bucks worked out 12 prospects between Monday and Tuesday, but the biggest story came from the absence of a guaranteed top 20 pick.

Kentucky Wildcat senior power forward Patrick Patterson was expected to take the court at the Bucks Training Facility Tuesday, but called the Bucks on Sunday to inform them he would not be making the trip to Wisconsin for the workout.

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