Bucks Draft Report: Patterson cancels Tuesday workout


Patrick Patterson

The Milwaukee Bucks worked out 12 prospects between Monday and Tuesday, but the biggest story came from the absence of a guaranteed top 20 pick.

Kentucky Wildcat senior power forward Patrick Patterson was expected to take the court at the Bucks Training Facility Tuesday, but called the Bucks on Sunday to inform them he would not be making the trip to Wisconsin for the workout.

By Jake McCormick

“A guy that certainly is in our grouping of players that we’re looking at 15 but he canceled his workout,” Milwaukee head of scouting Billy McKinney said. “We talked to his agent yesterday and he said he had a pretty busy week, so that’s an indication to us that there’s a possibility that he could go in front of us.”

Considering Patterson’s surprising Combine measurements (7’1.25″ wingspan, 8’11” standing reach, 6’9.25″ height with shoes) and high quality character interviews, he could very well have received a strong indication that he wouldn’t be falling out of the lottery. Patterson has also worked out for the Golden State Warriors (6th), Los Angeles Clippers (8th), Utah Jazz (9th), Indiana Pacers (10th), and Houston Rockets (14th), and will work out for New Orleans (11th) with Bucks personnel in attendance.

If I were a betting man, Patterson will most definitely be off the board by the time Milwaukee goes on the clock, but McKinney said the team is still doing everything it can to bring him in for a look. That’s an even bigger indication that should Patterson fall to 15, he’s guaranteed a spot in the top three options for the Bucks.

“Just looking at his game overall, he’s a solid player; he’s not a mistake player,” McKinney said. “He’s got experience with a championship-caliber team, with a very good program and he’s got a very good understanding of the game as well.”

Patterson’s absence aside, Tuesday featured two big, physical guards in Alabama senior Mikhail Torrance and Oklahoma sophomore Willie Warren. Torrance received an “outstanding” review from the Bucks head of scouting thanks to his size, defense, and ability to finish with either hand at the rim. He’s a player that could go anywhere from 25 to 40 depending on how the draft shakes out, and would fit in nicely as a back-up to Brandon Jennings, should the Bucks opt to get younger at the point.

willie warrenMcKinney called the workout of Warren “exploring (their) options,” which translates into “we don’t think he’ll be available in the second round, but you never know.” He also said that Warren would’ve been a lottery pick last year if he had chosen to come out, and injuries played a big part in Warren’s current stock (between 20 and 35).

If both Warren and Torrance were available for the Bucks, the difference would come down to youth vs. experience. Both players would easily see floor time backing up Jennings, but there’s very little that separates these two on a skill level enough to put one clearly above the other.

Monday’s workout was appropriately deemed a “kangaroo court” by McKinney, and featured the NCAA’s all-time leading shot blocker Jarvis Varnado (Miss. St.), the lengthy Larry Sanders (VCU), and athletic UConn senior Stanley Robinson.

“We had some guys who had some serious hops in here today,” McKinney said, “We’re a defensive oriented team and of course, one of the things that we’re looking at of course in the draft is trying to get more length and athleticism.”

However, Sanders and Robinson are expected to be gone by the 37th pick, and McKinney indicated that both could go in the top 20 if not the first round. He also hinted that neither is seriously in the mix for Milwaukee at pick 15, but having both in for a workout are a way for the Bucks to cover all their bases should a trade scenario arise.

“We think that might be a little bit of a stretch (to have Sanders at 15) but we have him in anyway to look at him” McKinney said, “In the event that something might happen in the event that we might move back.”

That leaves the fly swatting Varnado, who said he models his game after defensive whiz Marcus Camby, with the highest chance of realistically becoming a Buck if he is available in the second round. He admitted his offense is still a work in progress, but Varnado’s natural shot blocking ability would certainly get him on the court as a rookie.

“That’s my (strength), blocking shots, running the floor and rebounding. I think I’d fit in great in Milwaukee,” Varnado said.

The Bucks marathon of workouts continues today, with two players with the most realistic chance of landing at pick 15 (Gordon Heyward, James Anderson).

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