Suspension of Blackhawks’ Hjalmarsson: Punishment Does Not Fit the Crime

hjalmarsson blindsite hit

Hockey is a physical game, that’s a given. Lose a tooth, spill a little blood—it happens. There is, however, a line to be drawn. Blindside hits are one of the most disgraceful things a player can do. It breaks almost every code in the unwritten hockey handbook. Not only is it embarrassing for the player, but it’s embarrassing for the team as well. Not to mention, the loyal fans back home who’d been with them every step of the way.

As you’ve probably heard, Chicago Blackhawks‘ defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson has been suspended for a grand total of two games for the disappointing hit on Sabres’ Jason Pominville the other night. If you didn’t catch the game, or you live under a rock, here’s a replay of the incident:

Anyone who plays or knows hockey at all understands that you don’t hit the man without the puck. Within moments of the hit, Pominville was down on the ice and was later carted out with a nasty concussion and a face laceration. This is unacceptable.

By: Harrini Krishnan

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