Chicago Bears Predictions: Week 3


Things “Joestradamus” has in common with the Chicago Bears: we’re both 2-0.

According to my prediction this week, we should both have no problems making it 3-0.

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Just How Valuable is Maurkice Pouncey to the Steelers?


Obviously, one of the big topics that everyone is talking about heading towards Super Bowl 45 is Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie pro-bowl center Maurkice Pouncey. It was made official this week that Pouncey will not play in the Super Bowl after weeks of…. will he play or won’t he play conjecture. A man that played in big games all the time when at Florida protecting Tim Tebow won’t be able to play in the NFL’s biggest game. He’s sidelined due to the high ankle sprain that he suffered during the AFC Championship game against the New York Jets two weeks ago.

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With the 30th Pick the Minnesota Vikings select…

vikings logo

by Peter Christian

The Vikings have a love/hate relationship with the NFL draft. Well, I guess I should say I have a love/hate relationship with the Vikings NFL Draft decisions. They’ve had their share of great 1st round picks over the years (Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Kevin Williams) but they’ve also had their share of disastrous blunders (Demetrius Underwood, Troy Williamson, handing in the draft card late in 2003). I’ll admit that the current front office has done a good job at identifying good prospects in the first round in the past few years but since they are in fact the Vikings, I maintain my ability to be ready for a letdown (read: Vikings entire history).

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