Electronic Arts and 2K Sports need to go back to the basics


By H. Jose Bosch

NBA 2K10 is the latest of the four major sports video games to be released and not surprisingly the electronic players can do just about anything other than take illegal substances or get into domestic disputes. (Although if a real player is negatively affected by either, your electronic player will suffer, too. So, maybe off the court issues are part of the game after all?)

Each year Electronic Arts and 2K Sports roll out titles with new bells and whistles and each year those games lose something from the previous titles, whether it’s infuriating quirks or unnecessary features.

But while sports video games become more complex, sport video game makers seem to forget some of the finer things in sports video game life that we all grew to love. Here is a list of some of my (and other TSBers) favorite game features that no longer exists.

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