Minnesota Timberwolves “luck” might be turning around?

Minnesota Timberwolves

I know the last few years have been down-right dreadful for fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Our last few draft picks (Wes Johnson and Derrick Williams) haven’t panned-out, so far or yet. But, Ricky Rubio brought a spark this season before his ACL injury. He lit-up Target Center with his maestro passing skills and non-matador-esque defensive ability that most of his teammates (Michael Beasley) have shown the past few years. He might just be the beginning of a Minnesota-turnaround, though.

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T’Wolves Luke Ridnour Almost Killed by Russell Westbrook Crossover (Video)


Watch this video- wow! Talk about a Tim Hardaway, Allen Iverson “killer crossover.” Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder faked the Minnesota Timberwolves Luke Ridnour literally out of his shoes. This is ridiculous, the only way Ridnour could be more faked out is if he were lying on the ground, curled up in the fetal position sucking on his thumb.

The announcer said Westbrook “broke his ankles!” Well, Ridnour is the third string point guard on one of the worst teams in the NBA for a reason. And Westbrook is the second star on the Western Conference favorites for a reason.

You’ll want to watch this a few times!

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The T’Wolves Jonny Flynn Conundrum

In NBA 2K11 for PS3 there is a feature in the “association” mode that shows the trade value for each player on the team. Five stars are the most a player can have (Kevin Durant), and the least is one star (Ryan Hollins).

My buddy Eren and I spend Friday night trying to build up a Cleveland Cavaliers dynasty by slowly growing the amount of stars we had for our whole team. In essence the whole point was to acquire a 2 star to get a 3 star, and so on and so forth.

Essentially that is what a General Manager’s job is in the NBA; try to acquire the most trade value as possible for their team.

David Kahn’s job is no different then what we were trying to do.

When Kahn drafted point guards Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn 5th and 6th overall respectively in the 2009 NBA draft, his reasoning was that he wanted to draft the best available players. Translation, he wanted to draft the players with the highest trade value.

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Wolves’ Flynn Expected Back In 3 Weeks

CBS Sports is reporting that the Minnesota Timberwolves expect 2nd year point guard Johnny Flynn to return to action in three weeks.

In July it was reported that Flynn needed hip surgery to fix a torn labral in his left hip.

This news comes as the Wolves take the court tonight against the undefeated Atlanta Hawks. Flynn, who struggled at times last season adjusting to guarding top tier point guards, will be expected to come right in and contribute to a team in need of point guard help.

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The Backdoor Cut’s 2010 Minnesota Timberwolves Season Preview

Minnesota Timberwolves season preview

The Minnesota Timberwolves enter the 2010 season with plenty of optimism, unfounded or not.   [Read more…]

Timberwolves turning to Ridnour for Point Guard Duties

Luke Ridnour

The Minnesota Timberwolves made a handful of off-season moves that made people forget that the Kevin McHale era was over, and second year General Manager David Kahn may in fact actually know what he’s doing. Sure there was the Darko Milic contract (4 years, 20 million total) that raised some eyebrows, but the majority of Kahn’s moves made most Wolves fans, especially this one, believe that there was in fact a light at the end of the tunnel. Really.

Additions of Michael Beasley, Martell Webster, and Kosta Koufus (although the jury is still out on his significance) through trades; Wes Johnson and Lazar Hayward through the draft; Milic through re-signing; and purchasing the contract of Nikola Pekovic were all moves that show the fan base the Wolves are moving in the right direction.

One acquisition that seemed to have slipped under the radar was the July 14 signing of veteran guard Luke Ridnour.

Ridnour came off a 2009-10 campaign with the Milwaukee Bucks in which he was a 28 year-old mentor to the absurdly raw Brandon Jennings.

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Bucks Draft Report: Scheyer highlights workout of second rounders

Jon Scheyer

The second of three days worth of Milwaukee Bucks prospect workouts featured what scouting director Billy McKinney called “a group of very solid second round players.”

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