Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys: Mirror Images

Two teams that matched up this past Sunday have much in common. The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys both have anemic records: the Lions are 2-8, the Cowboys are 3-7 this season. They should have the same record, but NFL officials cannot agree on what a catch is. The traditional teams playing on Thanksgiving, they are undoubtedly the turkeys of their respective divisions this year, but further analysis proves just to what extent.

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Dept. of Suck:Lions “Improved” Season no Cause For Hope

On November 4, 2007 the Lions were 6-2. Up to that point in history 76 percent of NFL teams that began the year 6-2 made the post season.

“This is real,” said defensive tackle Cory Redding at the time. “This is a different team. It’s not the same-old Lions anymore.”

Then Detroit proceeded to go 3-37 from November 5, 2007 to January 5, 2010.

And the natural order of the world had been restored.

Seriously, how does someone even begin to wrap his or her mind around 3-37? Where do you even begin to explain it?

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