Miami Heat’s Erik Spoelstra is a very Underrated Coach


Following one of their three regular season losses to the Chicago Bulls, a couple of current members of the Miami Heat broke down in tears. But none of the three regular season losses (by a combined 8 points) were as emotional or as lopsided as Sunday night’s 21 point drubbing in game one of the Eastern Conference Finals.

A beat-down like that has more inspiration for sobbing than a supermarket section of onions.

But at the time, the mood among the very talented team from South Beach was not one of despair though- instead it’s resilience, focus and ambition.

“We all know obviously the effort plays, the second-chance opportunities — all those things really deflated our focus and our concentration and effort there in the second half.  With all that said, and with all the evaluations about the game, we are still in a position to take control with a win on Wednesday,” Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra said.

And take control they did- not just of the Eastern Conference, but also the NBA Finals as well.

By Paul M. Banks

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What Should Lebron James Do? (to Avoid Another Playoff Blowout)


Among the many images we see of the ever present individual brand that is NBA superstar Lebron James, maybe Nike’s “What Should I Do?” commercial is the most telling insight into his true personal character. A lot of people misinterpreted it’s meaning.

And maybe I’m reading it incorrectly as well, but what I see is a young superstar who might be less sure of himself than we would normally expect an iconic multi-millionaire/master of the sports universe to be. I don’t think James lacks self-assurance; but he might not be as psychologically ready to shoulder the enormous burdens and gigantic expectations placed upon him.

And in James’ media appearance Monday, one could easily read some uneasiness into his non-verbal communication. Of course, that could simply be because he knows how badly he (and his Miami Heat teammates) were out-played by Luol Deng (and the Chicago Bulls).

By Paul M. Banks

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