10 Most Annoyingly Overplayed Stadium Songs

black-eyed peas

There some stadium songs that are just overkill. These are annoying.

Then there are certain tunes that make you wish homicide against the music director was legal. That’s what this list is.

What’s even worse is that these “jams” are supposed to make happy and care-free, to get you “into it.”

That’s kind of tough to do when what they’re blaring is something you’ve heard so many times it makes your ears bleed. The list that follows is the evil identical twin (Because both of these lists are evil) of the Five Most Annoying Stadium Sound Effects which we published last summer.

LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” has now gotten SO BAD, it deserves it’s own post. It’s probably more overplayed than all ten of these combined.


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Possible NBA Labor Negotiators


Ever since the Casey Anthony trial has concluded, I have been trying to get my legal fix elsewhere. Obviously, I am following the NFL negotiations, and the Roger Clemens debacle resulted in a mistrial. Since I have read all of the John Grisham thrillers, I am of sound legal mind and I am an expert on all things regarding the law. Therefore, I will provide some possible candidates on negotiators for the upcoming NBA discussions.

With these people, the league could expedite the process and avoid last minute posturing around Halloween.

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