Bulls Kyle Korver Saves Life of Snapping Turtle

“I like turtles.”

the famous YouTube sensation kid who was given a “web redemption” on Tosh.0 this past season. Here’s the remix of the turtles kid.

Who says there’s no new Chicago Bulls and NBA news. We have media sensations like the heart-warming tale of Bulls two-guard Kyle Korver and his saving of a snapping turtle’s life

via A turtle, a DJ, an ex-76er, and a second chance – Philly.com.

It was Kyle Korver, an ex-76er who plays for the Chicago Bulls. Korver, a friend of Robert’s who still spends time in the area, coincidentally was driving by.

“There was blood everywhere,” Korver said in an interview. “I didn’t think [the turtle] was going to make it.”

Korver fetched a shopping bag from his SUV. Robert picked up the snapping turtle – a dangerous maneuver, Schubert later told him – and put it in the bag.

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