What’s That Important Stuff Going on in Wisconsin Right Now?


This is not a political website. It is a news site, but it is not hard core, extremely relevant to your life news site. I’m aware that our specialty is to focus on diversion, past times and entertainment. But what’s going on in Madison, Wisconsin right now is SO BIG it transcends everything American, and it affects all the games we love.

Collective bargaining may not be the sexiest topic to read about, but disputes of this nature may prevent us from even having a NFL and NBA season next year. So it is something we should all be paying attention to. If the middle class weren’t endangered enough already, the elites of this nation are trying to render it extinct; in order to grab more money and power for themselves.

And in the process start America down a path that would take our already canyonlike gap between rich and poor, and extend it to a level you only see in third world banana republics.

By Paul M. Banks

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