Bet On This: NASCAR in Vegas, Baby

By: Melissa S. Wollering

Sin City hosts Sprint Cup Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway this week. Developments in the last seven days: McMurray is “lovin it” with a new sponsorship, engine smoke will be the only kind fans in Michigan can enjoy, “Suitcase Jake” passes away at the age of 73 and axle problems on the track are more widespread than those on the ice for skaters in Vancouver.

It’s your weekly Sprint to The Chase Preview, breaking down the top contenders. Each week I analyze their strength for the race at hand as well as their chances for The Chase! Foot, pedal, gas, throttle, green flag… [Read more…]


By:  Melissa S. Wollering

Boogety, Boogety, Boogety.  Let’s go racing, boys. No one watches NASCAR. No one follows the Sprint Cup.  Why do I clear the first weekend of February for the Budweiser Shootout?  Well you’ll have to read my articles the entire season to find out. And trust me; your effort will be worth it.

Next weekend, the Daytona 500 commences. That’s the Super Bowl of football.  The World Cup of soccer.  The World Series of baseball. And instead of being scheduled at the end of the season, it inaugerates and christens the racing season. Meanwhile, one week prior to the 500, Daytona Beach, FL is the site of time trials for the Big One as well as the host city of the Bud Shootout. 

New this season: Wisconsin native Matt Kenseth acquires the sweetest looking bourgeois stock car exterior—sponsored by Crown Royal. He’s purple and gold, Vikings fans.

For rules: everything racers complained about is a now a free-for-all.  That means bump-drafting at Daytona and Talledega (two most important races of the season), increased contact on the track, spoilers instead of rear wings and restrictor plates larger than Darrell Waltrip’s annoyance rating. [Read more…]