Kerry Wood’s final Cubs, MLB moments (video)


Kerry Wood retired from MLB today. He ended his career with the same team he began with, the Chicago Cubs. He also had some time with the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees. Wood set a single game strikeouts record, had some big postseason moments in 2003, suffered major injuries due to aggravating motions in his mechanics, and still had a fine 14 year career. It was just a career that fell way short of sky high expectations.

Wood needed to retire, it was overdue for him to go. But he couldn’t go out like this. (that would have been embarrassing, and an injustice to the good things he accomplished in the big leagues). And he couldn’t leave with such an ugly media meltdown like that.

There’s already been a million retrospectives written about his career, so I’ll stop here. And plenty of people have already written cheesy sentimental pablum about his final baseball moments today, so I’m not going to describe that either.

But you can watch it below:
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