Joe Paterno biopic tentatively titled “Happy Valley”


The Joe Paterno statue is gone. Penn State is only now starting to feel the effects of the sanctions, and a Joe Paterno biopic is in the works. As you’ve already heard, Al Pacino will play Paterno. No word yet on who will play Jerry Sandusky in the film.

Joe Posnanski’s Paterno biography became a New York Times Bestseller.  Now it’s a movie with a tentative title “Happy Valley.”



Pacino, who’s played legendary screen characters like Michael Corleone and Tony Montana, will now lend his craft to this? Wait, this movie will be no puff piece. It’s not going to be fawning at all. It’s supposed to explore everything that comprised Joe Paterno. The disgraced way in which he went out will be prominently portrayed in “Happy Valley.”

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