Pennsylvania Residents Approve (Barely) of Penn St. Firings


It was a very narrow margin, 52-43%, but the people of Pennsylvania do support the recent firing of Joe Paterno a Quinnipiac University poll of 1,453 registered voters said. The poll has +/- 2.6% margin for errors.

By a more overwhelming majority, 74-13%, voters supported the firing of former University President Graham Spanier.

h/t to Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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Big 10 Statement on Penn St; Potential “Lack of Institutional Control”


The open college football head coaching position at PSU looks much less attractive today. Public statements released today make future sanctions against the school look much more likely. The Big Ten Council of Presidents/Chancellor met this week to discuss several items, including the mess at Penn State University.

The Big Ten office issued the following statement from the COP/C:

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Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky Arrested, Arraigned Again


If you thought it was disgusting and disturbing that former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was out walking around freely (as I certainly did) then you will no doubt exact a measure of satisfaction, a sense of justice from today’s news story.

I mean the guy lived across the street from an elementary school- how f***d up is that? And does/did have a wife? Who the f** marries a child molester? Then again, two women married a tree killing Alabama fan hillbilly, so I guess anything is possible.

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