Will the White Sox cool off in the 2nd half?

ozzie guillen

I got a call from my cousin today who was in Chicago on a business trip. He called to let me know that, in what must be an unprecedented event, the World Series had already been decided in early July. I, baffled as to what he was talking about, let him continue.

He said that as he entered into the range of the Chicago radio stations he tuned his dial to a sports talk station and he was shocked to hear the host (he could not recall the host’s name) give praise up and down to the Chicago White Sox and ramble on about how great of a team they were, they were going to make some noise in the American League and were a team to be reckoned with. Typically, I would have laughed off the story, as my cousin is a die hard Minnesota sports fan and loves the Twins unconditionally (like me, but with less objectivity), but when coupled with the boasting of our own Mr. Banks about the said White Sox, I figured it was time someone brought them down to earth before the White Sox do it themselves. Enter me stage left.


By Peter Christian

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Jake Peavy heads to DL, Big Blow to White Sox Hopes?

white sox peavy

Prior to tonight’s rain-delayed game vs. the Los Angeles Angels, the Chicago White Sox placed right-handed pitcher Jake Peavy on the 15-day disabled list with a detached latissimus dorsi muscle in his right posterior shoulder and recalled right-hander Jeff Marquez from Class AAA Charlotte.

Ouch! Anything “detached” sounds like trouble, big trouble. And I have no clue what a latissimus dorsi is, but I’m assuming it’s the muscle you work when you do “lat pull-downs” at the gym.

We’re hearing 15 day DL now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Peavy gets shut down for the whole year at a later date, like last season.

By Paul M. Banks

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