Knicks Jeremy Lin “Linsanity” inspiring interest in Harvard, Ivy League sports?


In 1869, the first college football game ever took place between Princeton and Rutgers. For most of the early century, THE GAME referred to Harvard vs. Yale instead of Michigan vs. Ohio State. However, it’s been decades since the Ivy League has been relevant on the college gridiron, and today they’re not even in Division-I and nowhere near even the periphery of the BCS landscape.

The Ivies aren’t super relevant in college basketball either; although the Princeton Offense has a home in various high-major Division I programs, and the league champion once in a while makes a little bit of noise in the NCAA Tournament. The Ivy League doesn’t offer athletic scholarships anymore, and that is the biggest thing holding the league back from being a fixture in big time college athletics today.

Harvard alum and New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin is starting to change that. Will it last?

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