Hastily Made Cleveland Indians Ballpark Tourism Post


After Camden Yards, the second ballpark to really usher in the new era of baseball stadiums was Jacobs Field in Cleveland. The move away from cookie-cutter to retropark began in Baltimore, but Cleveland wasn’t very far behind. And I finally made the trek to Cleveland in July to see “the Jake” or “Progressive Field” as they now call it. But the trip wasn’t as much about the game, or Alex Rodriguez’s quest for 600* on that night, it was much more about the “social deck,” in left field.

And this game just also happened to be the same exact one in which a fan wore a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey to the game, acted like a douche to egg on the crowd, and got kicked out after causing a riot. So that was a story in itself.

Like my friend Peter Pattakos of Cleveland Frowns said “here, it’s not about this (pointing outward), it’s about this (points inward)” It’s true, in Cleveland it’s not about where you go, but who you’re with that matters.

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