Dee Brown’s misadventures with Italian Police

dee brown

italy flag

By Paul M. Banks

Illini legend Dee Brown made some headlines over the past couple of days because he had a little run-in with the law in Italy; the country where he is currently playing professional basketball. Just outside of of Naples, one of his teammates got into a car accident, and now Brown has been accused of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. He took to his blog to deny these (potentially false) allegations. Whether he’s innocent or guilty remains to be seen, but knowing what I know about most of the Illini fanbase, I’m sure 99.9999999% of Illini fans think he’s innocent.

He certainly IS GUILTY of poor editing, bad typing skills, misspelling, horrible punctuation, awful sentence structure and atrocious grammar, as his blog proves. This is surprising, given what a great interview he always is. And if he wants to tell me how atrocious my ball-handling and defense on the court is- that’s fine! It would even out the previous sentence.

But for more on his side of the traffic incident story…

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