Illini Cheerleader Sister is former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis (pics)


It’s a great thing we have student media. They’re the guys who gave me leads like this to go research important stories like this. And make no mistake this is hard hitting, extremely important news. Let’s say you’re a fan of WWE and enjoy the work of former  WWE Diva Maria Kanellis. Now let’s say you’re an Illini fan, someone who really watches a lot of Illini games (these two groups of fans overlap quite a bit, I’ll show you the Ven diagrams) you might have noticed a member of the Illinois Dance Team or “Illinettes,” who kind of looks like Maria, but on a multi-year delay.

And you’d be right, they are indeed sisters. Janice Kanellis a.k.a. Janny Kanellis is indeed the younger sister of Maria Kanellis. Forget the wins over the #1 Hoosiers, and top 20 wins over the Gophers, Butler, Ohio State and at Gonzaga. This is truly the Illini feel good story of the college basketball season. How can you look at Maria Kanellis and not feel good?

Let’s get to the pictures.

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Vote Early, Vote Often for Illini Cheerleader


By Paul M. Banks

Although this isn’t “an election year,” there are a couple key congressional and gubernatorial elections today. Here’s another place to cast your ballot today. The Illini obviously won’t make a bowl game this year, but they could win another prize. I’ll let the Illinois Sports Information Department take it from here:

University of Illinois Senior Cheerleader Up For Spirit Award:

Vote for Kristina Anderson in Athlon’s Sideline Spirit Contest

Athlon Sports has selected University of Illinois senior cheerleader Kristina Anderson to represent her school, community and the Big Ten category in round four of this year’s Sideline Spirit contest. Voting for round four will begins on Saturday, October 31st at 12 a.m. and will run through 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 20th. Those wishing to vote must have an Athlon Sports account. Voting is limited to 20 times per day per account.

The Athlon Sports Sideline Spirit Contest is entering its seventh year and has proven to be one of the most popular programs on our website. At least thirty two spirit contestants from across the country will be chosen to participate in this contest, which runs from the beginning of the college football season in September until the bowl season starts in December.

The program is broken up into four rounds, featuring seven cheerleaders or dancers in each round (one from each BCS conference and one non-BCS representative). Visitors to the Athlon website get the opportunity to show their school spirit by voting for their favorite spirit contestant. Lively message boards bring out the very best in school spirit and the rivalry of college sports. At the conclusion of the regular season, spirit contestants will advance to the championship round. They can advance to the championship round by either obtaining the most votes in her round OR securing the most votes in her conference. The winner of the championship round is titled the overall winner of the contest.

The winner will be featured in the 2010 Athlon Sports College Football annuals and her squad will receive $2,000, plus a JVC HD Everio Camera and a JVC Micro System with iPod dock!

For more information and to place your vote, visit here