Bandwagon Blackhawks fans: WATCH these videos!

blackhawks limo

Now that the Chicago Blackhawks have reached their first Stanley Cup since well, the last time was so long ago I wasn’t even interested in girls yet, the already crowded bandwagon is about to become to OVERLOADED. On Sunday the Hawks swept the “best team” in the NHL, the one-seeded San Jose Sharks, to qualify for their first final since 1992.

The city will soon be even more abuzz, meaning more annoying neophytes will do and say things like the WGN anchor who said on air, “I know how to spell Byufglien, it’s spelled like “bah-fuug-lee-in…he he he.”

Yes, they’re going to come out of the woodwork next week. But I’m actually here to help you inauthentic Hawks fans. Here’s four videos (two songs) you MUST become familiar with, before you start talking hockey with anyone. And a little primer on each.

Consider this your cheat sheet.

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