Embattled Ozzie Guillen Gets new Product Pitchman Gig


It’s been a BRUTAL season so far for the Chicago White Sox, they’re 11-19 and 9.5 games out in the AL Central. Considering they went “All in” quite literally and figuratively this season, to be in this place right now is nothing short of a catastrophe. And it’s put Manager Ozzie Guillen, the man with Borat like candor, on the hot seat.

We all know how much he doesn’t get along with GM Kenny Williams, and how that strained relationship can become further strained as it relates to Owner/Chairaman Jerry Reinsdorf. Losing doesn’t help, and the Sox may need another 25-5 run like last season in order to make this year even interesting.

But Guillen does have a new endorsement deal.

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Ozzie Guillen and the White Sox: Ready to live Separate Lives?


So this is how it ends? No, let me say it in Ozzie Guillen English: “This is horses#$%! This is f*&*&ing s#$t.”

Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen, by far the most emotionally healthy person I have ever had a discussion with in my life (because keeping things bottled up is indeed bad for you) has one year left on his contract. And the prospective extension isn’t likely to happen. In fact, Ozzie might not even be here next year.

It all starts with the infamously acrimonious relationship between Guillen and White Sox GM Ken Williams, and how owner Jerry Reinsdorf handles it. It is a soap opera, and that’s why MLB Network choose to make a reality series about it. And it’s a crying shame how boring, watered down and spin-cycled that de facto infomercial for the Sox and MLB (I’m talking about “The Club” here) is.

So much potential…all thrown away. I’d rather watch a Smashmouth concert than an episode of that crappy show, and I think Smashmouth is the worst band in the history of modern music.

Ozzie, you’ll love managing the Florida Marlins.

By Paul M. Banks

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