Back to the Drawing Board for the Washington Wizards

By: David Kay

The Sports Bank’s off-season breakdowns continue with a look at what the Washington Wizards need to do to begin their re-building process.
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Alabama CB Javier Arenas has a Crazy Work Ethic

Paul M. Banks reports on National Championship Media Day

Alabama Cornerback Javier Arenas will take the field Thursday gunning to be (whoops, sorry about using the name “Arenas” and “gunning” in the same sentence right now), Arenas is shooting for the moon (whoops, my bad again, mentioning “Arenas” and “shooting”) in the National title game. The cousin of Washington Wizards All-Star Point Guard Gilbert Arenas, has a drive and work ethic that few can match. And most importantly, he doesn’t have the crazy streak possessed by his relative who’s making all the headlines right now.

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