Rebecca Grant: Clippers fan “boobs adjuster” is back

One “hot topic” of discussion during the 2011 NFL playoff season was Football Zone Girl Rebecca Grant. (video below) She was “news” again a year ago. Sort of.

Rebecca Grant is famous as “the Fox News Clippers fan boobs adjuster”

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How Erin Andrews Works Out (Photos and Videos)

Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews, looking bangin’ and demoing the CrossFit workout.

Wanna know how EA keeps that rockin’ bod in shape? Pick up an issue of Self magazine. When you’re in the media spotlight as much as she is, you gotta look your best. The video, and more pics after the jump.

Check out these workout programs here, you can totally get the same figure as EA with just some discipline and the right exercise.

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Jenn Brown or Erin Andrews: Better Draft Party Host? (vote now)

jenn brown colt mccoy

erin andrews

By Paul M. Banks

If you were watching last night’s NFL Draft on ESPN, you undoubtedly saw the updates from premier sideline princesses Erin Andrews (at the home of ND quarterback Jimmy Clausen) and Jenn Brown (reporting from the house of Texas signal-caller Colt McCoy). Neither QB was drafted last night, so it means we’ll likely be treated to more eye candy tonight, as the reigning Queen and crown princess of sports media will undoubtedly see a lot more airtime.

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Michigan State Spartans All Decade Team


By Paul M. Banks

With six Final Fours and two national title game appearances in the last 12 years, the 2000s have been without a doubt the most fruitful period in Michigan State basketball history. The decade kicked off with the 2000 National title, and every player to stay all four years at State has been to at least one Final Four since Tom Izzo took over the program in 1995.

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Illinois! Michigan St! ESPN! Erin Andrews! Pop the Champaign!

By Paul M. Banks

Chris Rock once told us “No matter who you are, there’s no sex in the Champagne room”. Equally true- Even if you’re a top 5 ranked team, there’s no easy games visiting the House of ‘Paign. This Champaign party date has been circled on the calendar for months. The hype has been building for a long time. Dickie V. is here. Erin Pageviews is (I mean Erin Andrews) is here. And we’re just one hour from tip off. Here’s a few more links to get for the game.

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Illinois-Northwestern: Battle to get off the Bubble

By Paul M. Banks and Paul Schmidt
Photo Credit: Illinois

Happy 3rd Birthday The Sports Bank!!!

By Paul M. Banks

This weekend, it became 3 total years since The Sports Bank went live online. And today TSB is stronger than ever. January’s daily traffic average is well ahead of December’s pace; which itself was about 3x the previous month’s high. In fact, we’ve seen steady consistent growth in readership each of the past five months. We’re just half a month into 2010, but our annual daily page views for this year is 4x that of 2009. Which itself was double that of 2008.

Mostly, it’s been our twin mock drafts: the NFL Mock Draft and NBA mock Draft, produced by TSB President Paul M. Banks and Vice President David Kay respectively that have spurred this growth. And we couldn’t have done it without all the mock draft databases out there. You guys truly are the wind beneath our wings. But let’s also give an assist where it’s due: to Erin Pageviews. I mean Erin Andrews, and Jenn Sterger.

Well, to be more accurate- Jenn’s big fake chest, and Erin’s naturally bangin’ body. This just helps “bringing ’em in” and “pack the house” over here. But whatever the reason, business is booming, times are good and for that we thank you! You the reader, you’re the one who makes this all possible, we are eternally grateful and we have a special treat for you on this occasion.

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DePaul Targeting SIU’s Chris Lowery For Head Coaching Position?

By Paul Schmidt

It should be one of the nation’s top jobs, but since RayMeyer has left the Blue Demons, DePaul has withered away to nearly nothing.

And lest you doubt that definition, the Blue Demons just lost their 23rd Big East game in a row. [Read more…]

Diagnosis: Illinois

By Paul Schmidt

What exactly is wrong with the Illini?

Perhaps more specifically, why can’t the Illinois men’s basketball team play well on the road? Or in the first halves of games? Or with any degree of consistency?

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Michigan St. vs Northwestern Live Blog

By Paul M. Banks

So #25 Northwestern has their first ranking in 41 years, and loses to Illinois in overtime, but this is a chance for a statement game here. A win over #11 MSU and the Wildcats would likely keep their ranking.

This is a game of magnitude, why isn’t Erin Andrews here?

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What’s the Next Step Up for Erin Andrews?


By Paul M. Banks

ESPN sideline princess Erin Andrews is a huge star in the internet and sports nerd worlds, but now she has the proper card to play in order to go more mainstream. And it’s not the “sex sells” card. To find out what new asset EA has going for her, continue reading after the jump.

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A Glimpse Into The Illini Future: Quarterback Jacob Charest


By Paul Schmidt

While the Illini were falling to the Northwestern Wildcats, essentially ending their long shot run at a bowl bid, Illini fans did get an extended look at next year’s early leader in the starting quarterback race, Jacob Charest, the redshirt freshman out of Butler High School in Matthews, North Carolina.

Charest posted some modest numbers but, after being benched to start the second half, led two fourth quarter touchdown drives to make things interesting in their 21-16 loss to the Wildcats.

Charest was a little surprised at how easily things came in the fourth quarter, but knew that practice, in this case, definitely helped.

“(The two minute offense) actually wasn’t…it wasn’t as different as I thought it would be,” Charest said. “You know, in practice, that’s such a huge part of the end of practice.  Everyone goes 100 percent on that, so it’s kind of like a game situation.”

The start of the game, however, was a little different for Charest who thought things definitely paced differently.

“It was a little different,”  Charest said. “If nothing else it was a little bit quicker. It wasn’t too bad.”

It did seem that Charest started the game in a little bit of a groove, and that could have been due to the scripting of the first several plays of the game — Charest knew what was coming.  However, he believed that it was just a few errant throws that took his momentum away.

“The first few plays of the game are scripted, but we don’t necessarily stick to them. But we try to script them, yes,” Charest said. “I was in a rhythm early, but then I don’t really know what happened. I missed a few throws, and things kind of went from there.”

As for being benched heading into the third quarter, he did know that was coming, as he was told at halftime, but the coaches also let him know that he would most likely see more action as the game went on, so to not get his head out of the game.  Charest wisely used that as a learning experience, and it certainly translated into results, as he went 9-13 Charestpassing in the fourth quarter.

“It helped a little bit, I could kind of see the coverage from a different point of view than actually being on the field,” Charest said.  “I could see what the DBs were doing on the field without having to deal with the pressure of the pass rush. It didn’t make a huge difference though.”

The giant elephant in the room was certainly Charest’s interpretation of the last play of the game on offense, and whether or not it was a reception for Jarred Fayson, or an interception for Sherrick McManus.

“Yeah, Jarrod caught it, and the other guy came up with it somehow, but I thought that Fayson caught it 100 percent, not that it was an interception,” Charest said. “We all really didn’t think that, because we were heading up to the line getting ready for the next play. It seems like nobody thought it was a pick except for the referee. Well, when we saw the call when we were all running over to the line, and we were just stunned.”

Still, it is a good sign for Illinois fans that Charest was exhibiting great confidence on the field, and with some young offensive skill players he could cement a solid offensive future. The best sign from Charest after the game? His response to the question of what he was thinking about heading on to the field prior to their Illini’s last drive of the game.

“I thought 100 percent we were going to go down and score when we got the ball back,” Charest said.