When will team sports see a Openly Gay Male athlete?

john amaechi

At the NFL Combine, there was speculation over the sexuality of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o. And his answer, “far from it, farrrrrrrrr from it” on Katie Couric actually didn’t help things. It just reeks of over-compensation. And Te’o is Mormon, which is so strict it’s like…if Christianity is cocaine than Mormonism is crack.

But this isn’t about just Te’o. Earlier this week Colorado tight end Nick Kasa admitted that during the NFL combine a team asked him if he “liked girls”. Because of Kasa’s comments, the NFL is looking to investigate whether or not there is any truth to Kasa’s claims about questions he was asked during the combine. And now, Michigan State running back Le’Veon Bell is reporting that he was also indirectly asked about his sexuality. h/t Down and Distance

This comes off the heels of a recently retired NFL veteran being out after a fight with his boyfriend over soy sauce led to legal charges.

So when will we see an openly gay male athlete in one of the four team sports?

I think sports may lag the rest of society here, and it could be a long time before we see an openly gay male athlete in the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL- mostly because of the atmosphere, reputation and language of the locker room. Of course, I regard that as a travesty because if you can integrate lifestyle differences in the military -an even bigger bastion of so called manliness- you can do the same in sports.

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Pressing Social Issues in Sport Part 3 of 4


Paul M. Banks has an exclusive interview with Dave Zirin discussing the past, present and future social issues at the heart of sports

As I continued my interview with Zirin, I asked him about how/why some athletes are able to overcome the “just shut up and play” principle set forth by the status quo.  “The great political athletes of the ‘60s were, you could argue, the best basketball player Bill Walton, the best football player Jim Brown, the greatest track and field athlete in a generation Tommie Smith, people often forget how many insane records Tommie Smith had, his 200 meter record held for 20 years, the best college basketball player in history, Lew Alcindor, maybe the second best college player of all Bill Walton. So these guys all had the cover of their greatness,” Zirin said.

It’s true that if you’re really good at what you do (no matter what field you’re in) than you have more leeway in expressing your true viewpoints. If you’re mediocre or worse at your craft- then you more like have to just acquiesce.etanthomas

“Now Adam Morrison is trying to survive in the league, hanging on by his fingernails, J.J. Redick, believe it or not has a more secure place in the NBA. And I think if Adam Morrison was the kind of guy, a 20 point a game scorer, he would have been somebody who would have shaken things up in the NBA politically. And it’s a shame. For me it’s a shame because rarely do you see players with that kind if courage,” Zirin offered. Morrison actually cried when he heard that his favorite band, the socially conscious heavy metal quartet Rage Against the Machine broke up. Morrison, the 3rd overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft and college co-player of the year with Redick, was known for his free-thinking ideas and appreciation of radical views. 
Etan Thomas was traded from the Washington Wizards to the Minnesota Timberwolves last week. Thomas, a friend of Zirin’s, is an example of athletes getting a chance to possibly be political when they play for a D.C. team.

“I think so because Abe Pollin, who is unfortunately in ailing health tends to be progressive. His son, Robert Pollin is a professor and one of the leading left-wing economists in the United States, and it certainly helps to be in D.C. Etan Thomas has some powerful friends, he was there with his wife and kids at the White House Easter egg roll, and the Wizards like that too: a very popular president invites one of the players to the Easter Egg roll. That’s great so you’re able to parlay sort of official politics as entertainment and I think it gives Etan some cover to do the work he does whether in prisons or against the death penalty.

Sportswriter Dave Zirin is the author of four books and his column, Edge of Sports, appears on Sports Illustrated’s website. He is the host of XM satellite’s weekly show, Edge of Sports Radio.