Approximately Just 8 weeks of Shirtless Driving Season Remain


On an extremely hot, humid and sunny mid June 2010 day, I was sitting in the visiting clubhouse at Wrigley Field. The Oakland Athletics were the Cubs’ opponent that day, and after speaking with A’s Manager Bob Geren, I was patiently waiting to talk with any Athletics with time to kill before the 7:05 first pitch.

And then it happened.

The highlight of the summer.

Former Milwaukee Brewers ace and current A’s hurler Ben Sheets strolled out of the clubhouse and yelled “Sun’s out! GUNS OUT” as he rolled up his shirt-sleeves. I was told by other reporters that behavior such as this is commonplace for Sheets. And “Sun’s out, Guns out,” is nothing more than a gateway drug to shirtless driving season.

Yes, “Shirtless Driving Season” THE #1 activity of white trash. The most favorite season of all for disgusting redneck crackers everywhere. It’s currently in full swing.

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