Detroit Lions Quarterback Situation: Improving!

The Detroit Lions spent their bye week recuperating. The football gods are shining down on this franchise for a change because it came at an absolute perfect time for the franchise. Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson can lick their wounds before they face the NFC East’s Washington Redskins.

The injury to Shaun Hill’s left forearm during the New York Giants game necessitates that Stafford rush back from injury. Every team in the NFC North has been hobbled by injuries and looked overwhelmingly mediocre at best thus far in the season.

It is therefore imperative that Matthew Stafford takes the field on Sunday.

There are no guarantees in the NFL, but fans have bought tickets expecting that Stafford start the majority of games. Drew Stanton is a Michigan State alumnus, but starting a third string performer is certainly not the recipe for long term success in the league.

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