Chicago Bulls season hinders on Derrick Rose’s return

derrick rose injury

The Sports Bank will be counting down to the opening tip of the 2012-13 NBA season with team by team previews starting with the worst and working our way to the title contenders.  There is no lockout this time around so let’s get going.

His Adidas commercial portrays the scene pretty darn accurately as all of Chicago went silent when Derrick Rose clutched his knee in the first game of the Bulls’ opening round playoff series against the 76ers with the worst coming true; a torn ACL.  With Rose’s return questionable for this season, the Bulls must simply survive in hopes that their superstar can get back on the floor before the postseason begins.

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Derrick Rose: torn ACL, out for entire Playoffs


Derrick Rose is out for the entire postseason with a torn ACL. Yes, he’s done for the playoffs, and essentially so are the Chicago Bulls.

Everyone’s reporting it, although NBC Miami seemed to get it first- or jumped the gun on it. Whatever, it’s official now.

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