Bulls’ Derrick Rose on FlipShare Video

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Post game interview of Derrick Rose on Flip Video camcorder. Taken right after the Chicago Bulls 115-111 OT win over Portland; where Rose had a game high 33 points.

Note: this is being re-run from 2010

In the six games I’ve covered this season, Rose is averaging 25.9 point per game. (Including his career high 37 in the double OT win versus Washington.

His season ppg? 19.9- guess that means I’m his press row good luck charm.

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Chicago Bulls Historic Offseason begins NOW!

luvabulls dancers

By Paul M. Banks

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Derrick Rose 1st Bulls All-Star Since Jordan Era!

The 12 year drought is over for the Chicago Bulls! Derrick Rose was voted by the NBA coaches a reserve on the Eastern Conference All-Star roster today. The official announcement will come later tonight on TNT, but the rosters have already been linked. Read the whole article to see the list.

Thank you to our good friends at Bleacher Report

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Derrick Rose Sets New Career High on Post-Gilbert Wizards

By Paul M. Banks

As the Washington Wizards adjust to life without their superstar point/scoring guard Gilbert Arenas, they encountered another superstar point/scoring guard, on a career night. It took two overtimes, but the Chicago Bulls defeated the Washington Wizards 121-119 as Derrick Rose scored a career high 37 points (including a career high 16 field goals made and 33 field goals attempted). Rose also had a season high 9 rebounds. Derrick missed a potential game winning shot (mid range jumper on the wing) as time expired in regulation, but he drained another jumper in cold-blooded fashion with 5 seconds left in the second OT. It was an isolation play that was worthy of a Bill Raftery “ONIONS!!!” call.

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Chicago Bulls All Decade Team


By Paul M. Banks

The 1990s were a refreshing change for Chicago sports fans. For the better part of the decade, the city abandoned it’s dysfunctional obsession with its two lovable losers (Bears and Cubs) in order to fully embrace the only true consistent winner that the second city has ever known: Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dynasty. As great as the 90s were, the 2000s were kind of lean. Especially in the beginning when they ended the ’99-’00 with 65 losses, followed that up with 67 losses the next year, and two more 50+ seasons after that.

However, they did make the playoffs four out of the last five years this decade, and they did it without a true franchise player or star. In fact the Bulls haven’t had an all-star since Michael Jordan retired in 1998 (I don’t acknowledge that whole Washington Wizards thing, and no true NBA fan really should-EVER). This reality makes picking the all-decade team all the more murky and debatable. Not to mention the arguments you could have about who belongs on the first team versus the second team. Here’s what I choose:

All-Decade First Team

Elton Brand

The 1999-00 NBA Rookie of the Year was also the last in team history to average over 20 points a game in consecutive seasons, and he averaged a double-double in those years as well.

Jalen Rose

On teams that struggled to score, he grabbed the Bulls by the horns and put up a 22.7 ppg average during his time in Chicago; second only to MJ.

Kirk Hinrich

Yes, his career essentially peaked in ’07, but the class and leadership he displayed in handling the shift in his role on the team is worth emulating and commending. Earlier this season, Hinrich spoke about what he’s trying to improve upon, “Trying to stay aggressive offensively, keep my defensive intensity and just trying to help the guys along, I realize I’m in a position to be somewhat of a leader, and try to do that.” And he’s arguably the franchise’s best defender this decade, and 4th in Bulls history in assists, 3rd in 3-pointers made and top ten in scoring.

Tyson Chandler

Maybe he never lived up to the hype, but he still finished his time here 5th in blocks, 9th in offensive rebounds and 8th in defensive boards.

Ben Gordon

Yes his defense is like a Fergie song with intelligent lyrics: non-existent. But he was the team’s most consistent scorer for the latter half of the decade, and he tied a NBA record for most 3-pointers made in a game without a miss, going 9-9 in April of ’06 versus Washington. I was there that night- it was electric.Fergie

A Category all his own

Ron Artest

Hard to decide what to do with Ron Artest when you make this list. Consider the achievements of his NBA career, consider how “colorful” he is both on and off the court, consider what a great soundbite he is, especially in a world of “we’re just taking it one game at a time” and “I’m working hard and I’m just happy to be here” and finally consider he wasn’t Bull very long at all.

For an exclusive interview with Ron Artest, where he discusses his pro Tiger Woods blog click here

All Decade Second Team

Jamal Crawford

What can I say? It was a slow decade for the Bulls. Even though they had a few winning seasons, they TRULY lacked legitimate stars.

Eddy Curry

Again, it was a REALLY slow decade for the Bulls.

Derrick Rose

Last season’s Rookie of the Year should become the franchise’s first All-Star since Michael Jordan. “It would mean a lot. It’s one of my goals, I’m going to fight for it,” Rose told me earlier this year at a practice. In ’09, Rose tied Lew Alcindor for most points scored by a rookie in his postseason debut.  And Chris Paul is the only other player ever to score 35+ points and 10+ assists while losing his playoff virginity.


Luol Deng

Ok, so he’s come nowhere CLOSE to being worth the $71 million they shelled out to keep him here, but the team has only one playoff series win this decade, and he averaged 22.2 points and 8.7 rebounds during that postseason.

Scottie Pippen

Was technically a member of the team this decade, as Pip played sparingly on the ’03-‘04 team. But he’s obviously here for old-time’s sake. As the record book will tell you “Pippen Ain’t Easy,” as Scottie is second all-time in franchise history to Michael Jordan in pretty much every stat you could possibly care about.

Honorable Mention

Joakim Noah (Hey, he’s leading the NBA in rebounds right now- name the last Bull to do that), Ron Mercer

Derrick Rose vs. Brandon Jennings: Rivalry in the Making?


By Paul M. Banks

Today’s NBA is treating us to the “Golden Age of Point Guards,” and last June brought us the “Point Guard Draft.” A special head-to-head rivalry at this position may be blossoming in the Central Division. Last year’s Rookie of the Year, the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose, went head-to-head last night with the Milwaukee Bucks’ Brandon Jennings, the very early favorite to be this year’s top rookie. In an 83-81 loss, Jennings led everybody with 25 pts. Rose overcame a very difficult start to have a strong 4th quarter and finish with 16 points, 5 assists.

“I don’t know if he’s 100% right now because of his ankle, but he looked good to me tonight, especially in the second half when he led his team down and got a victory,” Jennings replied when I asked him about matching-up with Rose.brandonjennings

It wasn’t exactly the prettiest game. In fact much of it was so ugly it looked like a NBA version of last year’s 38-33 contest between Penn State and Illinois. But you can’t say anything bad about the Rose-Jennings match-up, which could be a great one-on-one for years to come. “I guess that’s stuff that you guys write about, you know. The next time it’s Mo Williams, and then after that it’s Baron Davis. Every starting point guard in this league is big time,” Joakim Noah said about it. After describing the game as “ugly as hell, both sides.”

Rose may not be in full bloom yet, but Jennings was impressed by the way he took charge for Chicago. “He’s more mature at a young age. For him to go out there and run this team, that’s big. For a guy that young, you’re usually in your fourth, fifth year to be able to do the stuff that he does, but he’s gifted,” he said.

And it’s acquiring/maintaining leadership which will be most important for Rose, and could make-or-break the season. “I’m way more comfortable this year, trying to be a leader for this team, just learning sets, everything feels more comfortable,” Rose said. That prompted me to ask him what the term “being a floor general” means to him?

“You’re the other coach, the voice on the floor, you’re the one making sure everyone is accountable for what they do on the court, so that no one will be slacking on offense or defense, making sure everything is going right and making sure you win the game,” he responded.

If all comes to fruition in Chicago, Rose will become the leader the Bulls need for many years to come. What about in Milwaukee? Michael Redd is injured yet again, and when healthy, it’s getting obvious that his best years are behind him. Jennings has only played 3 NBA games, but maybe he’ll fill that void one day.

“He is still learning how to play hard for long stretches. Yes, he’s in good shape but it’s learning to play in the NBA now. It’s very physical with the hits and picks out there. It was a good, positive game for him,” Bucks Head Coach Scott Skiles said about him.

Is Derrick Rose Ready to Lead the Bulls?


By Paul M. Banks

The Chicago Bulls announced Monday that the team picked up the 2010-11 season options for both Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. By exercising the respective player options, both will be under contract for 2010-11. This transaction occurred on the same day Rose practiced for the first time in….a long while. Aside from the opener, Rose missed every game this preseason, and concerns in Chicago arose. There were concerns about Rose being ready for the opener vs San Antonio Thursday night. Perhaps those fears have subsided a bit now that he’s working out again, but there are some new questions lingering as the season commences.

How effective will Rose be in the early weeks and how much of his development was stunted by the time he missed? This is a franchise that hasn’t had an All-Star since what seems like forever, and they’ve also gone without a true star/franchise player since Michael Jordan. In the words of Bulls team Captain Kirk Hinrich, “We don’t have an All-Star or anything like that, we have to do it as a group and it takes a specific type of effort to do that.” However, Rose is the only player on the roster with the potential to be that missing All-Star/franchise player- and possibly soon.

Rose, appeared in 81 games (80 starts) last year en route to being selected last year’s NBA Rookie of the Year.  On the season, he averaged 16.8 ppg, a team-high 6.3 apg and 3.9 rpg in 37.0 mpg. The Chicago native shot .475 from the field and .788 from the free throw line.deron_williams

I spoke with Rose at the Berto Center about what he’s working on to bring his game, and his team, to the next level. “My mental part of the game, my approach to it, my offensive game, and approach to it. Defensively- watching players more, their strengths and weaknesses,” he responded. Rose finished the 2008-09 campaign in the top three in several categories all-time among Bulls rookies, including total points (third with 1,361), scoring average (third) and assists (third with 512).  Rose was the first overall selection in the 08 NBA Draft.

This being the golden age of NBA point guards, Rose doesn’t have to look very far to find inspirational role models for achieving that eliteness. I asked him who he looks at specifically.

“Deron Williams a lot, he’s a bigger guard, so I watch him, and watched him all through Illinois, so we have that kind of a connection,” the Chicago native said about one of the biggest stars in University of Illinois history. D. Will has become a huge star for the Utah Jazz, and (due to his Fighting Illini heroics in 2004-05) is extremely popular in Chicago. D. Rose has rightfully set his sites high. And realistically high.

NBA Power Rankings: #13 Chicago Bulls

Bulls Celtics Basketball

By: David Kay and Paul M. Banks

2008-09 Season Summary:
When the magical Bulls-Celtics first round playoff series started, most of Chicago just wasn’t very excited. I mean who gets all warm and tingly about a 41-41 team sneaking into the playoffs? This was the same squad that resided in the bottom rung of the league in February, and had a head coach who wasn’t coaching and an ugly home loss to the OKC Thunder on their resume. But the Bulls transformed themselves after the John Salmons/Brad Miller trade, and that transformative process continued into the postseason in where the #7 seeded Bulls took the #2 seeded and defending World Champion Boston Celtics to 7 games. The numerous extra sessions effectively made it the best playoff series of all time.

It also further accentuated the only true positive of the regular season, that #1 overall pick, hometown hero, and now NBA Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose is a true superstar in the making. Despite the loss, the playoffs made Chicago care about the Bulls because it told us, “hey the Bulls are truly back.” Even though it was the longest series in NBA history, it went by too quick. Moving forward, everything starts with stability in the front office as GM John Paxson’s successor will have plenty of questions.

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