Idiotic David Kahn compares Darko to Chris Webber (Video)

Minnesota Timberwolves President David Kahn

I really don’t know what to say about Minnesota Timberwolves GM David Kahn. My T’Wolves blogger Peter Christian has really said it all. On multiple occasions. Kahn is a moron when it comes to social judgment, and evaluating talent. Here’s an extension of that sentence in many more words and harsher prose.

I have to hand it to NBA TV’s Chris Webber, he really handled this incident with aplomb. It’s not every day that someone takes one of the biggest draft busts in NBA history, a player who has not produced ANYTHING at the professional level, despite being taken #2 overall in his draft class, and compares him to you.

When you happen to be somebody with a 14 year NBA career that featured six All-Star appearances. And you’ve been ranked in the top 75 players of all-time by Bill Simmons’ “The Book of Basketball.

By Paul M. Banks

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Brainwashed Timberwolves Fans Fail to See the Light

Minnesota Timberwolves Center Darko Milicic

There are so many words out there that have already trashed the indefensible signing of Darko Milicic so I don’t really need to. I do, however, need to take more than a few Wolves fans to task for having more than questionable judgement. As much as I thought this ridiculous move by David Kahn would finally unite all of us against him, a quick peek through some Timberwolves message boards has shown me that there is far more work to be done.

by Peter Christian

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David Kahn is an Epic Failure

Minnesota Timberwolves President David Kahn

That headline might seem a bit harsh. It’s probably an understatement. If David Kahn was a movie he would be “Spiderman 3.” He had a huge opportunity to start this offseason with a bang to build a foundation for a team that needs to be wrapping it’s rebuild up, not continuing to deconstruct. In expected fashion, Kahn disappointed Timberwolves fans by giving them a night of scratching their heads, shaking their heads and screaming obscenities at his bad decisions.

By Peter Christian

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