Cubs, White Sox losing to MLB’s biggest Losers


By Paul M. Banks

Hey Chicago, what do you say? When’s the next time the Blackhawks play?

In the city by Lake Michigan, baseball success is so rare that in 1959, when Emperor Daley I set off the air raid sirens to celebrate the White Sox American League Championship, everyone panicked! People thought Soviet missiles were headed for Chicago, instead of realizing a local team just won a pennant. Partially because the former scenario seemed so much more likely than the latter. In retrospect, the siren stunt was a bone-headed thing to do in the midst of Cold War nuclear paranoia, but it did prove a point: failure is expected here.

This past weekend, both the Cubs and Sox thoroughly embarrassed themselves; by losing a series to the two franchises that are little more than a developmental squad for the rest of MLB.

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