Uruguay wins Copa America handedly, 3-0 over Paraguay

Diego Forlan kisses the world cup, Getty Images

In a world cup that has been marked by stories of the best teams going out early, Argentina and Brazil, and the giant-killers left playing it out for the final, Uruguay and Paraguay, Uruguay has something different to say about their win tonight: They’re the best soccer team in the world.

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Copa America: Paraguay beats Venezuela, ends in brawl (Video)

It shouldn’t be surprising that two South American countries would get into a little fist fight while they are competing in the continent’s most illustrious tournament, the Copa America. In 1969 El Salvador and Honduras fought a four-day war because of a soccer match.

After the 0-0 match ended on penalty kicks with Paraguay winning 5-3 on penalty kicks, the two teams got into a brawl which you can see after the jump.
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Copa America: Uruguay defeats Peru, moves to final game

Peru Uruguay

In the waning moments of the South American biannual soccer tournament it was clear that with a 2-0 win over Peru Uruguay, often called a giant-killer or surprise, announced themselves as one of the premier soccer clubs in the world.

Both goals in the game were scored by Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez. His first came in the 52 minute, and the next only five minutes later, in the 57 minute.

He did not stick around long for interviews after the game.

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Copa America: Brazil, Chile out. Venezuela, Paraguay in.

In South America’s bi-annual soccer contest, Brazil, a perennial favorite, and Chile, many’s expected winner, have lost their respective games Sunday.

Uruguay will play Peru in the semifinals on Tuesday. Paraguay faces Venezuela Wednesday. This is the first time that Venezuela has advanced to the semifinals in the history of the Copa America.

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Copa America: Uruguay upsets favorites Argentina on penality kicks, 5-4

Argentina is out of the Copa America after losing to Uruguay Saturday, 5-4 on penalty kicks. The regular game saw a 1-1 tie, with several penalties throughout.

Carlos Tevez, a forward for Argentina, was the only player to miss a penalty kick in the final moments of the game. His shot was low and to the left of the goal, but was blocked by Fernando Muslera, Uruguay’s goalkeeper.

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Copa America: Colombia loses to Peru 2-0 in extra time

Juan Vargas celebrates goal against Colombia in 111 minute (AFP, Antonio Scorza)

Colombia lost to Peru 2-0 in extra time Saturday, ending their time in the Copa America and advancing Peru to the semifinals, facing the winner of the Uruguay and Argentina game.

Peru’s goals came in the 101 minute of the game, by midfielder Carlos Lobaton, and the 111 minute, by another midfielder Juan Vargas.

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