Sidetracked: Being Prez is Good, Especially in Rugby

Lions 3

By: Rikki Greenberg & Melissa S. Wollering

Presidents, in any capacity, are interesting people. Some have a more controversial job than others. However, Obama, Goodell, Banks and others all have three things in common: they are extremely fascinating; they deal with other fascinating people; and they have constantly-changing organizations to run.

Enter Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club President Keith Brown.  The North Side native hasn’t been Prez for long, but like any good leader, he wastes no time making a profound impact on his organization and its loyal followers. [Read more…]

Sidetracked: David Selimos & Chicago Lions Rugby


By: Rikki Greenberg

My first mistake was comparing rugby to American football.

There were no yard lines, no third-down conversions and no bodies protected with pads. I tried to compare the scoring portion of the field to that of an end zone, but that didn’t really work either. The game wasn’t played on a field, but on a pitch. I did recognize goal posts, but they were much smaller and shorter than what I’m used to seeing on a Sunday afternoon.

I also wondered where I could wipe off the possible buckets of perspiration with a handy hot pink Gatorade towel or if I could quench my thirst with any number of bright orange Gatorade dispensers scattered across the sidelines. Sadly, there wasn’t an opportunity to do either.

You could imagine my relief when David Selimos, Scrumhalf for the Chicago Lions, compared his position to that of a quarterback. Hallelujah! A term I finally understand! [Read more…]