Why we WON’T Have NFL next Year: Labor Agreement Cliff Notes


Before reading this I must warn you: it’s rather depressing. It’s a very inconvenient and awful truth about the prospects of the 2011 NFL season. I hope you aren’t in a dark, gloomy and cold place right now.

Coupled with the prospect of losing the next NBA season to a lockout…well, if you’re complaining about how bad your team is now, wait until...to quote ’90s R&B artist Jodeci (actually quoting Bobby Womack since they covered him) “if you think you’re lonely now, wait until tonight.”

Remember how you felt when the NFL season ended last Feburary? This Debbie Downer piece from Docksquad Sports is a must-read, because it gives you the skinny on the league’s revenue sharing agreement. You don’t need to have a MBA or job at Charles Schwab to read it.

The article is penned by a Chicago litigation and labor attorney, but you don’t need a Doctorate of Jurisprudence to appreciate it.

(And yes, I quoted both Jodeci and Bobby Womack in the same article, but you can scrutinize my taste in music later)

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