#31 Virginia Cavaliers: College Football 77 in 77


Like Rod Stewart told us “Leave Virginia alone.” Well, opposing ACC offenses will not b leaving the Virginia secondary alone this fall. They’ll be picking at them early and often.

Does UVA have enough to outshoot them and win the ACC? The Cavaliers could contend for the division title, if and only if the offense is strong enough to carry the d.

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Kevin Wilson Did It Again … and It Cost Indiana This Time

New Indiana University football coach Kevin Wilson is quickly developing a reputation as a riverboat gambler … to a fault.

He unsuccessfully attempted a fourth-down conversion rather than kicking an easy field goal last week in the Hoosiers’ season-opening loss to Ball State, but it didn’t make a difference in the final score of that game.

This time, it did. Wilson tried a fake field goal in the third quarter of Saturday’s 34-31 home loss to Virginia that would have greatly affected the outcome with an easy three points.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Drafting Hometown Kid David Lighty from OSU?


Former Ohio State Buckeyes wing David Lighty, the last member of the “Thad Five” to enter the NBA, grew up a huge Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

Lighty talked at the NBA Draft combine about the prospect of playing for his hometown team.

“I’m pretty sure I will work out with the cleveland cavaliers, but I’m not sure when. It’s getting set up as we speak,” Lighty said.

“It would be pretty big, I know my mother and grandmother would love it. I would love it as well, to grow up there, go to Ohio State. It would be something that’s rare for a player- never leaving the state.”

Very true. It’s hard to think of many players who have done that, played all their basketball in the same state. Playing college basketball and professional in the same area doesn’t even happen all too often.

By Paul M. Banks

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Cleveland Cavaliers Knock off the Los Angeles Lakers? Yes, Really


The last time the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Los Angeles Lakers, they were nearly doubled up on the scoreboard. When I saw the 112-57 final following that first meeting, I thought it was a mistake. I know the Cavs are bad, but how on Earth do you lose an NBA game by 55 points?

So knowing what happened in the last meeting, you would say heading into last night’s match up between the two teams that the probability of the Cavs pulling the upset was about as likely as Congress agreeing on healthcare.

So then a healthcare solution everyone agrees on is forthcoming, right? Not likely, but the Cavaliers did achieve the unthinkable Wednesday night-they beat the mighty Lakers-and that’s NOT a misprint.

By Adam Satorius

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Bye Bye LeBron

Thank the good, sweet Lord it’s over. There will be no more wall to wall reports on who’s wooing the king and where he should or shouldn’t go. No more sports reporters trying to make a name for themselves by breaking suspect insider information. The most interesting question in the 2010 NBA LeBronstakes “Will he choose money, loyalty, or the chance at a championship?” has been answered. The king chose a shot at a championship. I was rooting for loyalty, even though loyalty has been a long shot for as long as I can remember.

By Hans Hetrick:

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