Is it time for NCAA Player Compensation? (Video)

cecil newton

Many people are up in arms about the NCAA. They say it’s unfair that student athletes are denied a share of the $700 million in tournament revenue they generate. Players also want to retain rights over their likenesses, which are used in video games without compensation. But are players really being mistreated? They get accepted to universities they wouldn’t normally be able to get into. Athletes receive yearly scholarships, while other students sink into debt. USA Today estimates the average player receives an annual $120K in aid and perks.

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Cam Newton: Most Polarizing Player in College Football


Write any piece about scandal in college football these days, and you’ll inevitably hear from somebody who gets offended and then relates the situation to Cam Newton. Some will even ask you to write about “Scam Newton” (or better yet, $cam Newton) instead of the topic you covered. Or maybe you’ve seen the graphic of the “Camburglar,” which depicts the Heisman winning QB as the famous McDonald’s Hamburglar character, except he’s heisting a lap top instead of hamburgers.

At BCS Championship game media day, a reporter brought up how Auburn was not greeted very warmly at the airport; AU Coach Gene Chizik blatantly dodged the question by bringing up the Tigers’ die-hards that were on hand.

And it’s true- Auburn has plenty of fans; but man oh man, do they have their detractors too.

By Paul M. Banks

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