Bulls-Pistons Tweet at a thon


By Paul M. Banks and H. Jose Bosch

It’s a Tweet at a thon. not a Tweet a thon, but a Tweet at a each other a thon. It’s one of the NBA’s greatest rivalries, Bulls-Pistons, always a good time, even when the teams’ combined records are 12-20, as they are tonight. So TSB’s resident Bulls and Pistons experts are going at it, with only the mediums of Twitter and WordPress between them.

(PMB) Bulls-Pistons It’s on HJB. Let’s see what you got with no Rip and no Tayshuan.

(HJB) We got a good chance at beating your sorry ass.

(PMB) the piston’s d is making taj gibson look like wilt chamberlain

(HJB) I finally found the game online, but the quality is about as good as watching the game with cataract

(HJB) We have the Bulls right were we want them. Lull them into a sense of false security.

(HJB) Remember when I said we were going to beat your sorry ass? I still mean it.

(PMB) interesting strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for them. Ben Gordon is getting massvely BOOED evrytime he touches the ball

(PMB) nice shot Will Bynum. Altho I do love Ben Wallace’s ABA style headband. Skiles wouldnt let him wear it when he was here

(HJB) Nice save by Noah. Ass

(PMB) damn Det scores again, I wanted there to be a single digit in there for 1st pd scoring. would have been sweet And the Bears lead the Lions 24-10 after 1 qtr.

rose is a lot more substance, and a lot less hype than Cutler. Austin Daye needs to eat more thanksgiving leftovers

(HJB) I smell a cooooooomeback

(PMB) even though Noah just “arced” on you guys!

(PMB) talk to me when you get the deficit to single digits, in a game like this, 1st team to 85 pts wins


(HJB) Noah could be saving babies from a burning building and I’d still want to punch him in the face

(HJB) Wow. Rose almost ate the rim. Christ.

(HJB) There’s possibly a chance Detroit has just given up. I mean, really?

(HJB) I’m not sure if I should be happy that Detroit managed to be down by just 10 at the half or the Bulls lack a killer instinct. (48-38 Bulls)

(HJB) Well here we go. I’m still confident the Pistons will win. Mainly becuase I have to be. BTW,someone just dropped a FUCK on TV

(HJB) Count it!

(HJB) This game isn’t particularly thrilling. But I’m glad the Pistons are actually competing.

(PMB) I can’t believe it’s a 1 possession game now. Jonas Jerebko is dangerous

(HJB) God damn you Chicago!!! Lame.

(HJB) This game is the perfect example of why the NBA shouldn’t matter until the playoffs

(HJB) When Miller turns to face the basket, it’s probably a safe bet someone should defend Rose.

(PMB) It’s such a LONG SEASON, I see your point. It’s funny how it’s a winter game, but it’s hot out when the season starts and ends. Its like the people who say you only need to watch the last 5 min of a game

(PMB) Lindsey Hunter sounds like the name of a hottie Skinemax actress. Rodney Stuckey sounds like the name of a 70s comedian that would do frequent guest spots on Sanford and Son

(HJB) Yeah and Joakim Noah looks like a tranny.


(HJB) When announcers talk about a game being “scrappy” and “grinding” they really mean “This game sucks.”

(PMB) That’s true! it’s like when they say someone is a “lunch-pail guy”, tremendous worker”, blue-collar” etc. It means he has no athletic ability. The server keeps timing out here in the arena when I try to get on Twitter, so I’m just going to finish my updates in wordpress from here on out.

(PMB) Bulls up 80-71. There is a LOUD DRUNK MORON BULLS FAN sitting right behind me. HE IS A DOUCHEBAG with his screaming, and I’m getting a headache, so I’m going to finish the exchange up in the press room. Talk to ya in a bit HJB.

(HJB) You shouldn’t say those kinds of things about Jay Mariotti. He has feelings, you know.

(HJB) At this stage of a game, should the announcers be allowed to just rip on anyone or anything they observe off the court? I think it would make the broadcast more interesting. Better yet, for the last three minutes of any bad game, the announcers should be allowed to just be fans and say whatever they feel without punishment.

(HJB) I don’t think fans should kid themselves. Even with Rip and Prince back, this team will still be bad. And the broadcasters were just doing Road Runner impersonations. Yeah, the cartoon roadrunner. Maybe they are allowed to say whatever they want.

(HJB) The last 20 seconds of this game have been sloppier than a girls’ middle school basketball.

(HJB) It appears your terrible team is just slightly better than my terrible team.  The NBA: Expect mediocrity!

(PMB) Joakim Noah after the game “it was sloppy and it was kind of boring, but a w is a w.” I don’t think you would disagree HJB

(PMB) I guess you could say “the NBA where mediocrity happens”

(PMB) HA HA nice Mariotti comment HJB. I was the last of the five journalists at my table to leave, and that was a mistake, because the douche started trying to talk to me. Asking me who I work for and what I was doing…I’m like “just working hard buddy, working hard” The less I said to him the better.

(PMB) So of course everyone wanted to discuss BG coming back and getting booed, and there was a large contingent of reporters in the locker room around him. But I’ll devote another post to that. Flip video of BG included! Great job with this exchange HJB