Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat: Eastern Conference Finals THROWDOWN!

rose-bullsLeBron James Heat

In the NBA Western Conference, we have a “broken bracket.” The San Antonio Spurs and L.A. Lakers (thank goodness!) went down. But in the East, we have #1 vs. #2, the match-up everyone in the media and the league wanted. The match-up we all expected, a re-match of the 1997 Conference Finals.

A match-up like requires the old NBA on NBC them from the ’90s. You know it, it’s composed by John Tesh, did you know that? And then in 2004, Nelly sampled it for the opening track on his album entitled “Sweat.”

Well, that’s enough hype for now, let’s get to the preview. “It’s getting hot in here,” so I hope you’re reading this shirtless, cause I’m certainly typing it that way.

By Paul M. Banks

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Miami Heat are an UNFAVORABLE Match-up for the Chicago Bulls

LeBron James Heat

The Chicago Bulls might have owned the Miami Heat this regular season, but Chicago fans shouldn’t let that 3-0 mark versus the NBA signature villains fool them into complacency. And that’s especially difficult; given how the last time the teams met, the Bulls literally made them cry.

The cliche is true; NBA playoff basketball is a totally different animal (especially this year since the East has gained so much strength). Bulls fans don’t have to look back any further than the last time (prior to this season) that they won a playoff series.

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