Hulk Hogan’s Ex-Wife: Claims Hulk Extramarital Affair w/ Brutus Beefcake


Usually we don’t do wrestling stories here. It’s not a sport. Of course, we’re all truly in the entertainment business, not the sports media business, cuz the sports media business doesn’t really exist; it’s all about ratings, numbers, viewers, page views, “infotainment” etc.

And wrestling probably embodies this best. Especially the WWF turned WWE. Notice it’s called World Wrestling “Entertainment.” It’s expected to be drama, gossip, and soap opera silliness, and now it’s spilling over to the legal and entertainment media worlds. And this story is too unique to just pass up doing a post on.

Hulk Hogan is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce (is there any other kind?) with ex-wife Linda Bollea.

And whatcha gonna do when possible defamation suits reign down on you?

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