Bears’ Roy Williams drop lawsuit against Miss Texas Brooke Daniels


Chicago Bears wideout Roy Williams was a HORRIBLE signing by a front office known for making some really dumb NFL personnel moves. Especially when you consider his contract is for $2.5 million. Although he sucks at catching footballs, at least Williams did the right thing in dropping his lawsuit against ex-girlfriend and Miss Texas 2009 Brooke Daniels.

The suit was over the missing $77,000 engagement ring Williams sent to Daniels.

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-Looks like Dallas Cowboys WR Roy Williams has some “mo money, mo problems” to deal with. Clouded eyes, empty hearts, can lose. From ESPN:

“Williams is suing a former girlfriend whom he proposed to this spring, according to a lawsuit obtained by the Odessa American on June 30. The lawsuit says Williams, an Odessa native, is trying regain possession of a $76,000 engagement ring he sent, by mail, to Brooke Daniels, a former Miss Texas USA in 2009 whom he dated for nearly a year.

Williams also sent Daniels $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for her brother and a taped marriage proposal in February. When Daniels declined to marry Williams, the lawsuit says she didn’t return the ring when he asked for it back. According to the lawsuit, Daniels said she lost the ring.”

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