Chris Capuano Makes Comeback, Then Relegated to Reliever

Chris Capuano

How would you feel if you had come back from two Tommy John’s surgeries, worked your way through painful rehab, paid your dues in the minors and made it back to the mound?

Chris Capuano feels what anyone else would feel over being placed into relief. Surprised. Even with the Brewers starting pitching pool stacked, Chris Capuano says reporting for relief duty never crossed his mind.

“No, never did I consider it. When you work and rehab to get back as a starter, you just work hard and focus on that,” says Capuano. “It’s not something I anticipated.”

By: Melissa S. Wollering

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Doug Melvin’s wacky pitching experiment deserves MLB consideration

Doug Melvin

Baseball decisions are often made based on percentages, and the sabermetric movement has fostered some unorthodox theories in the eyes of purists and the average fan.

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