Blake Griffin Dunks over a Car (Video)

blake griffin

One of the two “you gotta see it” dunk moments from last’s NBA All-Star slam dunk challenge. I refuse to use the term “dunk porn,” because I think that phrase is even dumber than the term WAG. But this video is certainly something one might describe as “dunk porn”

The Blake Show jumps over a car, a la the CGI scripts of that famous Kobe Bryant commercial.  With R. Kelly’s “I believe I can Fly” choir set as backdrop.

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Video of Clippers Blake Griffin Posterizing Bulls Kyle Korver

Blake Griffin Clippers

The Chicago Bulls won the overall battle, but the Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin certainly won this individual play. Who says Kyle Korver doesn’t play defense? Well, he tried on this play at least.

Hat tip to Tremendous Upside Potential here

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