Blackhawks-Canucks Game 7 Preview

There was time (not more than two weeks ago) when it was dicey whether the Hawks would even have a post season, and now they’re the giving this year’s President’s Trophy winners a run for their money. Could this be the third year in a row the Hawks end the playoff run for the Canucks?

Only three other teams have made a comeback from a 3-0 hole to win a series: Toronto in ’42, Islanders in ’75 and Phillie last year. Could the Blackhawks be the fourth?

By Harrini Krishnan

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NHL Playoff Preview: Blackhawks in for a Canucks Killing?

I am going to be completely honest: I did not see the Blackhawks actually clinching a spot this year. But the Chi-town boys are back in the playoffs, and now that they’re here (despite all the obits being written following the loss to the Red Wings) they are of course the returning Stanley Cup champions.

The first round of playoffs matches them with the Vancouver Canucks, with whom they have an interesting recent rivalry. For the past two years, the Blackhawks have ended it for the Canucks; knocking Vancouver out in six games in the second round both times.

This year, however, things seem to be quite different.

By Harrini Krishnan

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Chicago Blackhawks Inspire Hilarious Video

Ever since the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, or actually slightly before, they’ve been a little too big for their britches at times. They were considered the hot thing in Chicago all year, and it might some effect on why they seem a tad complacent.

Currently, the Hawks are 11th in the Western Conference, and in very realistic danger of missing the NHL playoffs. Maybe they need someone to remind them of their place in the world.

Enter the Onion Sports Dome.

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