Ohio State 2010: Preseason Jitters

This Thursday, at about 7:15 p.m. on September 2, the 2010 Ohio State Football Buckeyes will rush from the depths of Ohio Stadium and onto the Horseshoes’s FieldTurf for their opening game battle against the Marshall Thundering Herd. For the faithful, there will be goose bumps. For the rest of the college football community (and the Ohio faithful too), there will be a torrential downpour of expectations for the Buckeyes to play up to. And for many Ohio State fans, that’s a little scary.

Hans Hetrick

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Fun BCS Title Game Stats, Facts, History and Numbers

Paul M. Banks reports on National Championship Media Day

With another BCS title game in the books, I figured I would list some of the history, and the facts for ya regarding a decade plus of BCS National Championship games. This is the type of thing you would normally read in the sports section of a newspaper today, but I know that won’t happen because 1.) the medium is dying 2.) none of you read newspapers anymore. But there’s interesting, fun stuff here- so enjoy!

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