University of Wisconsin Newspaper Calls Out Student Rose Bowl Profiteering

rose bowl

Ah, the supposed “free market,” where one can quickly turn a profit without making or doing anything. And in this case, a profit of 400%!

Ticket scalpers are perhaps the greatest example of making obscene profit without actually producing or contributing anything of worth. And there’s nothing wrong with making money in this, our system of “pure competition,” (cough cough). But have you seriously ever met anyone who worked for Stub Hub that wasn’t a socially retarded douchebag?

When it comes to college football, perhaps the situation is a little different. Most college kids are piss poor, swimming in debt, and will soon experience the joy of post-graduation job-hunting in the Second Great Depression (thank you banking crisis of 2008!). So we should cut them a little slack.

Then again, the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl, is still the Wisconsin Badgers in the freaking Rose Bowl. So whether you find this practice to be just capitalism in action or true holiday season extortion, you’ll find the Badger Herald’s reporting of the secondary Rose Bowl ticket market amusing.

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