Eleven worst Illini basketball losses of the past 10 years

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As proud a program as Illini basketball is, they’ve certainly had some “hiccups” (wow, what a euphemism there) in recent years. A 52-49 loss to the Indiana Hoosiers on January 30th, 2011 was just one disgusting-to-watch debacle that didn’t even make the cut. It marked the first win over a ranked team at IU for Tom Crean. Last night, I experienced something similar to “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream” from “The Book of Mormon.” I dreamed Illini basketball put up only 15 points by halftime, couldn’t make a three-pointer to save their lives, and missed more lay-ups, put-backs and bunnies than any college basketball team in history.

Worse yet this spooky Illini basketball hell dream took place at Northwestern! Versus the worst Northwestern team they’ve had since 2007

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Illini Basketball Weaknesses: Zones, Neutral Courts, and Complacency

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It’s certainly nice that Illini basketball has started 2-0 in Big Ten play. It’s a lot better than  0-2.

Their win yesterday over Wisconsin was just the second time they’ve beaten a ranked opponent in ’10-’11. (Gonzaga, exactly like the Badgers, were ranked #24 in the coaches poll, receiving votes in the AP). It was a good win, and the Illini do have a couple decent wins this season, but their overall body of college basketball work has still revealed three red flags which could lead to big trouble.

One issue is internal, the other a natural part of the game and the third a strategy their opponents may choose to implement against them.

By Paul M. Banks

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