Albert Pujols or the St. Louis Cardinals: Who Will Blink First?


The big story surrounding the St. Louis Cardinals going into 2011 is obviously Albert Pujols. The slugger wants a contract like the one Alex Rodriguez signed a while back for $25 million per season.

Here’s the problem: he also reportedly wants a VERY long-term deal. If I were any GM outside of St. Louis, there’s no way I meet his demands. The Cardinals, however, are in a different position.

Other teams won’t miss what they never had. The Cardinals?

Well, without Pujols, they become a very ordinary offensive club (with a subpar bullpen, but that’s another story). To this point, St. Louis has not relented and it now appears Pujols will indeed become a free agent following the 2011 season. It’s really hard for me to imagine him playing elsewhere but it looks now, more than ever, that it is a possibility.

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